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Talk shit, get hit. by World-Hero21 Talk shit, get hit. by World-Hero21
No, I won't actually hit you. But I'll definitely call you out on it.

I can take criticism about me. But when you go behind my back and talk shit about me, that just pisses me off. If you have a complaint about me, tell me directly. Not tell someone else. Especially not on my own page. (Had someone do that on one of my stamps...I gave them a condescending mouthful for it.)

Talking shit behind my back is just being a coward. Not to mention, it's downright rude as fuck. And to me, it's a stab in the back. And if you can't tell me because you have me blocked for whatever reason...Well, that's your problem. :| But if I found out you've been talking shit behind my back, then I think you deserve to be called out on it and to be judged as a cowardly dickwad. :stare:

This past summer, I found out that my last roommate talked shit about me behind my back. (Luckily, it's not me...Many other people had issues with her and/or couldn't get along with her very well.) Now, every time I see her, I just say hi and keep going. Because I will not give you any more attention than that if I find out you stabbed me in the back by talking shit about me to other people. No, fuck you. I trusted you like a friend (especially if I bunked with you) and friends don't talk shit about their friends behind their backs. :grump:

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December 10, 2014
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