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Read this description before you jump to the wrong assumption, please.

This is about those who go around saying "STAHP I'M AUTISTIC!!1!!" or "WELL I HAS ADHD!!1!" when someone offends them somehow.

It's reasonable to get upset if someone is deliberately making fun of autism or ADHDers (Not just simply disagreeing with you). But when you use your disorder as a "get away with anything" excuse, to act like an asshole, or to get sympathy-points with the whole "OH WOE IS ME!!"...You make me want to dropkick you into the next universe for being a whiny brat. :smoking:

I have adult-ADD. I went undiagnosed with it when I was little, mainly because my parents just tolerated my absent-mindedness. But it was actually quite a huge nuisance in college, when trying to focus on homework or lectures, so I had to be drugged for it. I still have it, but my meds are now too expensive for me, so I have to find other non-medical ways of coping with it. When I fuck up, sometimes it is because of my disorder. But I still don't pull that card because it's still my fault, regardless of how it happened.

I also have scoliosis. It's an abnormal curve in the spine. Mine’s very minor, like...13 degrees (or somewhere under 20 degrees), according to what my physician told me the last time I had a physical. I hardly have any stiffness or pain, but I have horrible posture; I tend to slouch forward a bit when I walk because of my rounded shoulders. The only time I have stiffness or minor pain is when I sit for a very long time. That’s when my shoulders and middle-back start aching. I can’t do anything about it, except to prevent it from growing worse by exercising my back every so often.

But I have never used my condition or disorder as an excuse in an argument or for my faults. Whatever I do is still my fault. Just because I have this disorder or condition does not mean I don't have any responsibilities for myself.

But I know several people who actually have a disorder or are disabled, and they NEVER use it as an excuse for their actions or what they can do.

One of my uncles is disabled (he’s had a prosthetic leg since he was little, due to a birth-defect).
One of our family friends has had some of his toes amputated because of diabetes.
One of my high-school friends has diabetes.
One of my college friends has Tourettes, and another suffers from hypoglycemia.
One of my elementary/middle-school classmates had ADHD.
One of my little brother’s classmates that I babysat had some sort of cancer that made her hair fall out. (I don’t remember what it was.)
Some of my online friends have various levels of autism or Asperger's.
My 5th-grade teacher’s father-in-law had MS.
I think I know someone who’s dyslexic.
I've babysat a boy with DNS.
I’ve worked with disabled people. (And especially severely disabled people.)
Another friend recently told me that she has a comprehension learning disability. (I forgot what the word is, but it's similar to dyslexia, but it only involves having difficulties with reading comprehension and understanding what you're reading.)
Hell, my ex has depression and a learning disorder.

....And I have NEVER seen any of them use their disorders/disabilities as a crutch.

Which is why I fucking hate it when people do this:
“I’M SORRY! I’M LEGALLY BLIND!” (And believe it or not, I’ve seen people give this excuse on here, which doesn’t make any fucking sense.) Disregard that. Apparently, there's a special program to enable legally blind people to actually "read" what's on the computer screen.

Yes, we’re all very sorry that you have that. :pat:
But every time you throw that out as an excuse for your unruly behavior or when you use it in an argument to get sympathy....You’re just going to get the opposite instead.

And especially don’t FAKE a disorder/disability to get sympathy or self-diagnose it. That is just the worst.

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February 15, 2011
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