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[EDIT:] Disabled comments because too many people were missing the point.

Yes, we've done a lot of good. I know that.
Yes, we're animals too. I know that already.

But naturally, we're greedy and excessively aggressive, where we're not just killing each other but we're killing other things, just for their qualities. Not to mention, the trait of stupidity seems to flourish a lot in our species, even when we've developed enough technology to sustain us to survive.

My point here?
We've done a lot more horrible shit than any other species, mostly over really stupid things that we really didn't have to go to extremes to do and kill ourselves over. That's the difference between us and other animals.

As humans, we're pretty pathetic. Yep. Sometimes the truth hurts.

• We're flawed. We make a lot of stupid decisions in general.
• We're greedy. We've been fighting each other over territories and resources since the BC times. And we're constantly wanting more money.
• We're so opinionated, we're always fighting over who has the better viewpoint. Politics is a good example.
• We're rather violent and immoral by nature, as we're continually killing each other over trivial matters that can be worked out in non-violent ways. And we're causing many other species to be endangered or go extinct. We're destroying habitats or killing animals for their skin or tusks, etc.
• We're going off to war for stupid shit.
• We're also fucking stupid sometimes. Doing really stupid and dangerous shit because it's fun, we want attention, money, or fame.
• We shun, tease, insult, and outcast people, for different skin-tones, disabilities, ethnicity, gender, and even orientation. Homophobia, anti-LGBT, anti-Semitism, etc.

...It's no wonder evil is innate in us and why I tend to lose faith in my own species.:bucktooth:

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January 25, 2013
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