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commentary by frankteller

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August 14, 2010
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Author's NOTE: Yes, this is free to use.

It's easier to just link people to this piece, instead of copying and pasting the entire thing on their pages.
Edit-updates are on the bottom.

Before you ask about this info, all of this would be considered "Fair use," because I'm using this info for education and research:
"Examples of fair use include commentary, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship." [link]

Do you know what can happen to you if you take someone's work?

To steal someone's work, you are ripping them of their skills and maybe even their identity, as an artist. Your present and future reputation can be ruined; future employers will do background checks on you, and if they see you doing something illegal, such as copyright-infringement, you're less likely to get hired by them.
Look at what happened to this person, when caught heavily tracing and taking credit for a lot of popular comics, such as "Calvin and Hobbes," and many Marvel comics: Robert Granito Called a Fraud This thief was caught tracing and taking credit for many popular comics, and is now on the verge of getting sued by half of the comic-industry.

You do NOT want to be in this situation as this thief is in. Art theft is illegal and is punishable by law, and no matter where you are in the world, it's still illegal. You can be sued and even thrown into prison for a while for stealing someone's work.

And I give credit to ~shrewmania and !BiOzZ, for letting me to use/quote (and make some edits) to their wonderful comments: [link]

I will also update this often and post alerts to when it's been edited/update down below, when I find new information on copyright laws.



~I'm constantly finding new resources about copyright infringement and copyright laws, either from the Web or from other people, so this section (and the piece itself) will be updated often.

EDIT #16: With the recent boycotts of SOPA/PIPA and MegaUpload being shut down for copyright infringement, I gave more info regarding both topics.

EDIT #15: Included editing and added in the link codes again, since it's better to just link to this, instead of posting it.

EDIT #14: Added in a part about what makes a piece stolen and how copyrights work.

EDIT #13: Reworded the beginning to make it sound less harsh. c:

EDIT #12: Someone happened to tell me that the DMCA link had timed out and was unavailable to view, so I switched it out with a new link to another resource on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

I also added in some info regarding "Fair Use" and info from ~shrewmania's comment.

EDIT #11: Decided to take out the link code to make it easier on everyone....

EDIT #10: Received some more info on the Fair Use policy: [link]

EDIT #9: Added in a new Wikipedia link concerning international copyright law: [link]

EDIT #8: Updated the info about fines and added in two new links:
"dAmn-Army Blog: US Law and dA Policy"
"Digital Millennium Copyright Act, section 1204."

EDIT #7: Added in a new Wikipedia source about copyright infringement at the bottom.

EDIT #6: Edited the beginning of the comment, so it sounds less harsh and more polite, as well as MLA citation to each source that is quoted in the comment. Also added in the wikipedia link on "Fair Use," and added in a good example of a recent copyright infringement case.

EDIT #5: Decided to add the links that are below, and added in a note that you need to abide by U.S. laws, because DeviantART is a U.S-incorporated company.

EDIT #4: Added in new information:
:bulletred: NET (No Electronic Theft) Act
:bulletred: Copyright Term Extension Act
:bulletred: Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act

EDIT #3: It does actually work: [link]
(But that thief still needs to be pressed some more, because he still has some stuff up...)

EDIT #2: I've made a few changes to it; just took out the part where Japan uses torture. Apparently, it's illegal there now. :shrug: (At least that's what I've been told.)

EDIT: A great site to use to find original images of stolen pieces: Reverse Image Database. It's pretty accurate (although, sometimes you'll get no results for a picture)
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milovanf Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Featured in our groups:
l33tn3rdz Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
BTW did you know that kim dotcom got his assets back, as the seizure was declared illegal and done with a invalid search warrant?

Google it and see for yourself.

And that now I am using his new cryptographically secure site MEGA?
World-Hero21 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I already know. That's old news to me, as I've seen his new site already.
l33tn3rdz Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
So as you can see, there are people out there are willing to do illegal acts just because of copyrights. 

Imagaine if people on dA would go to such lengths such as deliberately getting invalid warrants by essentially knowingly not telling the whole truth and then jump jurisdictions and completely ignore due process just to take down some random person who used their art, characters, ideas, concepts etc.

I think there might be someone on this website that is aggressive and clever enough to do something like this. Essentially not caring that he is committing multiple federal crimes in doing so. There are always people who will abuse the system for some of the stupidest reasons. Not just the MAFIAA. Like people who have abused the DMCA on YouTube even though they know that they will most likely be banned for it.

YouTube uses an electronic form for DMCAs. Now deviantART has the exact same electronic form for DMCAs too. So I am personally waiting for people to start filing a metric ton of DMCAs at each other and considering the way copyright is treated here, I know it will only be a matter of time before it happens. Any day now, it is going to happen. Then we will have DMCA wars just like on YouTube.

I will be honest, I was tempted to abuse the system and DMCA the hell out of a few people who have caused me trouble here. But I won't because:

1. It is a felony to do such an action which can result in both criminal and civil actions taken against me.

2. It will result in being permanently banned from here.

3. These can easily be negated by filing counter notices which once accepted, can only be contested in IRL Court.

And 4. I like to think I am better then that. Abusing the system just to get someone taken down only drops you to their level or lower.
l33tn3rdz Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Well I love his new site MEGA in fact I am useing it to preserve my "intellectual property" if you can call my work that. (To be honest I think it's intellectual refuse.)
GlassBottleDemon Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can I just. :icontardglompplz:
World-Hero21 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yes you may! :iconblushingplz:
l33tn3rdz Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Actually it was an incident here that made me become a card carrying member of the pro piracy and anti copyright scene. Ever since a user on this site who I am not going to name because the said user does not deserve a name nor deserves being called a human being, forced me to bring crypto anarchy to this site.

Encryption, torrenting, off shore hosting, data havens, underground FTP servers, encrypted routing protocols like TOR I2P and others, the list goes on.

The public domain is being treated like a fate worse then death and it needs to stop.

PS new site MEGA is up. Cryptographically secure and deniable storage.
Nostrildarmus Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013
And I'm the Fifth Earl of Chichester.

Now we're both full of shit.
World-Hero21 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I'm just going to leave this here, considering the only thing I could deduce from your comment was that you don't seem to know what copyrights really do: [link]

Besides, why would you care about ONE person on this site ruining something for you? It was ONE person. And I don't know what they did to you, but they're still human. They may be a terrible person, but still a human being.
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