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I recently came across a drama-fest involving users with mainly Facebook/Myspace photos in their galleries.

First it was this journal that I saw, which was hard to read because of the poor grammar and spelling, where one of the users was talking trash about someone, claiming that they didn't care what that someone thought about them, yet...They showed that they cared enough to write a journal about how that someone is ugly, and basically teasing them about the way they look. [link]
Then I found this little gem by the one who wrote the journal above: [link] You know what was funny about it? The journal that they were talking about never even mentioned them. At all. It was just a normal journal.

This is one of the reasons why I can't stand the younger generations of kids. Both of these caps scream "I'M A DRAMA-QUEEN."

I hate that. I hate drama-queens because of their snotty, bratty "I'M SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU! :icondivaplz:" attitude. I had someone who was a few years older than me, harass me with this type of attitude, which is why I hate it.

It honestly makes me want to punch your face in. :stare: It doesn't make you look better/more awesome/sexy/whatever.

It just makes you look like a spoiled child.

So please stop treating this place like Facebook, type like a properly-educated person (not "l1k3 th1s cUz iT's cul" or "Where Every First Letter Is Capitalized Like A Title" ) and for the love of God, TAKE YOUR HIGH-SCHOOL DRAMA ELSEWHERE. Nobody gives a fuck about how you hate this girl because she's a bitch to you.

Stamp template [link]
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October 31, 2012
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